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Industrial roller fence’s – they have a structure which allows the space under the hall ceiling to remain free. This is important when the height of the rooms is the key, therefore, roller shutters can be used in facilities with non-standard conditions or in which ceiling installations prevent the installation of a sectional door.

The rolling fence is made of aluminum profiles filled with polyurethane foam, which is a thermal insulation. The standard equipment is an automatic drive and a safety brake that protects against uncontrolled falling of the fence.


Sectional fence’s are usually installed in various types of industrial facilities, modern halls, warehouses, etc. They are made of galvanized steel panels, coated with polyester paints, filled with a layer of polyurethane foam, thanks to which they perfectly fulfill their thermal functions in air-conditioned rooms, guaranteeing one of the highest coefficients thermal transmittance. They can be equipped with glazed aluminum sections, service fence’s, windows that will ensure constant access of light.

Industrial fence’s meet all European safety requirements and are equipped with a system of torsion springs on ball bearings, which has a safety brake that prevents the door from falling if any of the springs break. In addition, they have a “finger protection” protection against trapping fingers. Safety of use is also guaranteed by security in the form of an optical edge strip or photocells.

The fence guidance can be standard, low or high, up to and including vertical. It is also possible to use diagonal guidance taking into account the slope of the roof or ceiling.

Industrial fence’s can be opened manually or equipped with an electric drive with control. Its modular structure allows you to expand the basic functions with additional elements such as: a remote control transmitter, coded keyboard, magnetic card reader or traffic lights.

All fence’s are made according to individual dimensions and in various colors. We advise on the selection of the fence, adapted to the place of use, fully meeting the client’s expectations. We offer efficient, professional assembly as well as warranty and post-warranty service, fast delivery, affordable prices.


High-speed fence’s are made of soft PVC and are usually used inside industrial halls, as well as outside the building, where there is a high frequency of movement. High-speed fence’s are available as folding or rolling fence’s. Their main advantage is a very high opening speed, which reduces the waiting time in front of the fence and the loss of temperature in the room, which is why they are often used in the food industry (e.g. processing meat, fish, etc.), in warehouses, supermarkets and car washes. The high-speed fence can be made as a full curtain or with see-through windows.

High-speed fence’s guarantee functionality and safety through a number of accessories, such as safety photocells placed in the opening of the fence opening or emergency release of the coat from the guide in the event of a vehicle collision with it (self-repairing system – just open and close the fence), etc.