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We offer a fence and automation service. We carry out warranty and post-warranty repairs, remove failures, program drives, code remote controls, and replace worn parts. We offer wide access to spare parts. Fast implementation is our advantage. We encourage you to systematic inspections (including adjustment, maintenance), which increase the durability of operation and increase the safety of use of our fence’s and allow you to avoid failure.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service of our products. The most important factor influencing the total cost of repairing a device is efficient and correct failure diagnostics. Efficient diagnostics, in addition to reducing operating costs, shortens the time of shutting down the device from use. Most often, we carry out the following types of ongoing work related to the maintenance of fence’s in working order: – current repairs and modernizations, – maintenance. Ongoing repairs are the removal of damage caused during operation. Modernization consists in renewing the entire fence by:

– replacement of worn-out mechanical elements, – replacement of old-type devices, e.g. replacement of an engine with a new drive

Most often we carry out repairs such as:

– replacement of the drive board, control unit, radio card, controllers, etc.

– drive programming,

– remote control coding.

Each time we present a modernization offer and an offer to purchase a new device.

For many years, safe and proper functioning of fence’s, especially industrial ones, is ensured by regular, professional maintenance. Periodic inspection prevents serious damage and increases production efficiency and reliability by reducing downtime. Intervals between subsequent maintenance depend on the manufacturer’s guidelines and the frequency of use of the equipment.

We offer the serviced entities to conclude a service contract on favorable terms. This works very well in collaboration with

manufacturing companies. Such an agreement is drawn up individually and, depending on the needs, ensures regular inspection and repair of devices.

Maintenance services are available in the fence’s and automation of all manufacturers.